Spice Box of Earth

Vegan Food Swap The First! (July)

July was my first ever Vegan Food Swap, and a very exciting one! As my first attempt I hope I managed to put together a decent outward package - I included a vegan choccy bar, a yummy chorizo, some fruity gummy sweets and some home baked brownies. I did fear slightly for the home baked goodies but I do hope they arrived in a good condition!

The parcel I received from the lovely Jojo of Vegan in Brighton was wonderful!

I am a huge liquorice fan so it was a joy to receive 3 liquorice based goodies :) The chocolate and sweeties were yummy indeed! Some of them found their way onto my cupcakes, like lots of sweet things in my house……

Thank you Jojo for my wonderful box o’ vegan delights!

To join in with the UK Vegan Food Swap just head over to To Happy Vegans and sign up :)