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Vegan Pizza Day Celebrations!

I rarely venture into Manchester city centre on a Saturday night these days….. I’m far too old for all that, and the staggering men and tottering women that can be seen lurching around town as early as 9pm are not quite my cup of tea.

HOWEVER, yesterday was different. Yesterday was INTERNATIONAL VEGAN PIZZA DAY! So after I had delivered my calzones and pizza slice cookies to V Revolution (a tremendous vegan lifestyle & record store in Manchester’s Northern Quarter) and had spent a fun couple of hours lunching & shopping with the lovely Vicki, it was off home for a bit of a disco nap before our dinner reservation.

I chose Dough Pizza Kitchen, again in Manchester’s Northern Quarter, as they have a variety of vegan options for all courses - a rare treat in a mainstream restaurant!

I started with a big ol’ baked garlic mushroom topped with rocket, which was lovely and ‘meaty’ and tasty and by god, HOT.

Then it HAD to be pizza of course - I went for the veggie option with wonderful Cheezly atop……

And finally I finished with a ridiculously tasty chocolate brownie/peanut butter blondie combo with dairy free vanilla ice cream….

All in all a very satisfying first Vegan Pizza Day for me - what did you get up to??